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How to style Success page in Magento

By Wolf | 18.01.2012

Hello. Very often Magento projects aren't plain and simple. Customization is so deep that you need to edit even Success Order page. I will give a try to put together all info about this page. 1. Success page - page you see when you press "Order Now" button on Checkout and your order is [...]

How to create static menu with "act" effect using widgets in Magento

By Wolf | 28.02.2011

Very often it is nessesary to create static menu for the store. This can be submenu in header or footer sections. Lots of designs force us to forsee act effect for this links. This is difficult to implement with CSS only, but much easer with widgets which are aviable in Magento Community Edition [...]

Why you should consider migration to Magento?

By Andy | 14.02.2011

In today’s fast-growing e-commerce world you have to keep-up with the newest trends in order to keep your sales on the appropriate levels, ensure business growth and keep your customers satisfaction on steadily high level. With the development of the new technologies the customers’ needs and [...]

Magento mobile - iPhone customized theme for NicNacNoo

By Wolf | 27.12.2010

Hello guys! Today we will share with you our expirience with customization Magento theme for iPhone.  

How to choose a magento development agency?

By Andy | 17.12.2010

Hi All.In this article I would like to share with you some basics when selecting a magento development agency. I hope the article will help you to choose the developer that will implement your idea fast and painless. There are 2 options here:     a. Choose our company (have you had [...]

Top 10 references that will skyrocket your digital painting skills

By Odneoko | 26.11.2010

When dealing with magento development and typo3 development on the professional level, it's extremely important to deliver the product of utmost quality for the clients. That's why our webdesigners are constantly improving their webdesign skills to catch up with the most recent trends in this [...]

Magento backend video tutorials set

By Access denied | 08.11.2010

As you probably know, Magento is world-wide known open source platform used for e-commerce projects. For owners of web shops it’s not enough to have the knowledge of front-end operation of his store. They should be well informed on Magento’s backend functionality to benefit on the market. That’s [...]