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How to choose a magento development agency?

By Andy | 17.12.2010

Hi All.

In this article I would like to share with you some basics when selecting a magento development agency. I hope the article will help you to choose the developer that will implement your idea fast and painless. There are 2 options here:

     a. Choose our company (have you had any doubts that we will promote ourselves in this article? ]:)
     b. Continuing reading


The “good side” of outsourcing is well known. You get the cheaper price. But there are the pitfalls as well, like time difference, lack of direct “face 2 face” contact, etc. But its benefits are correlative with shortcomings. Mostly in the price issues, as outsourcing may significantly reduce your expenses for the project. In case if the quality of the works are equal, there is no reason to pay more.


Not always the affordable magento development agency provides the quality product. The solution is simple - just have a look on their magento portfolio. It’s also worth trying to contact their customers to hear their opinion about this company. (btw, you can check out our magento portfolio)

Technical skills

Some of the development agency can create a very eye-catching design solution for you. But the technical skills of the team could be insufficient for your project. So, in order to find out if they are good enough,  you can read though the case studies of their recent projects and see what integrations level they have implemented, how they are using Magento API for the automation purposes, what custom magento development modules they have created, etc.


Almost each website has a Free Quote request form. Just fill it and know your price. And taking into consideration the portfolio works seen, you can make your choice easily


Be sure to sign the contract with the chosen company. This will save your risks and will ensure that you will not be mistreated.


Also worth considering in case if you want to keep your project closed for everyone, except the developers and you. Though, usually this agreement can be enclosed with the preliminary contract.

General notice:

Prior the submission of the Quote Request, you should clarify for yourself what exact product you are about to order. Check the similar websites, note down the list of resources with design you like most, create the list of the required functionality, etc. This will save your time, will help you to reject the unnecessary functionality and in the end to receive the appropriate estimation for time and quote for money.

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    Excellent blog to all of us,this blog really good information for the future. Thanks
  2. Gravatar: Avenir


    The best magento development company will be fully equipped with a variety of features giving merchants full control and flexibility over the design, the content and the functionality of their online shops.
  3. Gravatar: Ron Sebasitain

    Ron Sebasitain

    It is really nice blog with a good stuff . Will help lot of people who want a good service. It is explained very briefly but in a good way. Thanx
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    Magento Developers

    Its a great blog, the way you have provided such a wonderful information on how to choose a magento development agency is really worth appreciation.

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