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How to create report for multiple AdWords campaigns

By Andy | 14.09.2010

As you have probably mentioned, Google have decided to update the reporting tool in Google AdWords.  As usually with the best intentions, but at the same arising hundreds of questions “How do I..”. In the official blog they have announced that the reports will be slowly moved to AdWords Report Center, if you need some more information on the changes made.

The first issue that I have faced with, was the missing “create similar link” in the AdWords reporting tool.

In the report details those particular items were also grayed out.

The main point was that they have moved a number of reports from the Report Center directly into the Campaigns tab.

Within the particular use cases this would be a very useful feature. But in our case with several magento stores ads running AdWords campaign, I have faced with the problem of combined creation of the report for multiple campaigns. By default you can generate the report for the separate campaign or ad group within this particular campaign. In our case, we had to generate the combined report for multiple campaigns. Fast enough we have found the solution for that:

  • Navigate to appropriate tab
  • Add appropriate columns to statistical view
  • Select appropriate date range and apply to graph
  • ! Click on Filter => Create Filter
  • ! Select the Campaign in the drop-down
  • ! Set the appropriate campaigns to report
  • Select appropriate format/file type of report
  • Add appropriate segments (i.e. day, click type, device, etc)
  • Create report

Still one opened issue left, is missing the total values in the report. If we’ll find the solution, I will post the update. If you have any ideas on that, I would be glad to read them in comments.


Best regards, Andy.

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