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Top 10 references that will skyrocket your digital painting skills

By Odneoko | 26.11.2010

When dealing with magento development and typo3 development on the professional level, it's extremely important to deliver the product of utmost quality for the clients. That's why our webdesigners are constantly improving their webdesign skills to catch up with the most recent trends in this field.
Today I have decided to share some valuable resources, that our team is using (of have used), that could become helpful for your trainings in webdesign.


Great resource with the detailed photoshop tutorials


Here you can easily find tutorials, inspiration sources, free sets of brushes and textures


Detailed tutorials, articles, webdesign overviews


Great set of tutorials and free files for the work


One of the most valuable resources for the webdesigners. Here you can find literally everything :)


Photoshop tutorials split by level of complexity. Free sets of useful files are also available.


Free set of brushes.


Free quality textures


Small blog with nice tutorials. Check it out!

10. adobe video workshop

Video tutorials for the newbies and experienced designers from Adobe

I hope this listing will be useful for you, as the professional webdesigner should never stop learning new things. Cheers. 

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2 answers

  1. Gravatar: Wolf


    Hey, Odneoko! Nice collection! Thanks ;)
  2. Gravatar: Thomas Sterling Silver

    Thomas Sterling Silver

    I come from itlay, I was luck to discover your subject in yahoo.

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