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Why you should consider migration to Magento?

By Andy | 14.02.2011

In today’s fast-growing e-commerce world you have to keep-up with the newest trends in order to keep your sales on the appropriate levels, ensure business growth and keep your customers satisfaction on steadily high level. With the development of the new technologies the customers’ needs and requirements are becoming more and more sophisticated each time.

Sometimes you can find yourself in the situation, when your current e-commerce solution is not developing fast enough for your needs. This may be caused by inactive community of the developers, outdated technology used, custom CMS not supported by the developers, etc. In any way - this is a bad sign for your business and very good one for your competitors. In this situation worth considering the migration to other platform, that supports majority of the newest technologies, is flexible and has a strong community behind. One of those - it’s Magento e-commerce platform.

This post is not about the benefits of Magento relating to the other e-commerce platforms. If you are reading this, I presume you already know a lot on this topic. Here I would like to discover some pros and cons of the migration to Magento from the other system.


  • All the custom development made for your project might be not compatible with Magento. However, in most cases we can use your code to build Magento based solution with exactly the same functionality, or to develop it from a scratch if needed.
  • Human and financial resources spending on migration
  • Sometimes migration can take a lot of time, depending on the project complexity. But in any case it will be less then develop totally new store.


  • A lot of new features goes with Magento by default, no need to develop them.
  • Flexibility in customization according to your business needs.
  • Catalog management. If you have a webstore in most cases your can export the catalog and after some modifications easily import it to Magento using advanced import profiles. This will save you a lot of time and unnecessary work.
  • Design can be migrated as well, of course with additional development. But in most cases your customers should not feel a big difference after the migration.
  • Multiple stores management under one platform. Yes, with Magento you can have several completely different stores on one platform. Why it is so important? Because you can control all your business from one admin dashboard. You must agree that's just great.
  • Reports and analytics. Magento gives you a full control over information about your sales, orders, customers, search terms used by your customers, and a lot of other reports. All Magento stores also have integrated Google Analytics.
  • Export products
  • impressive community with a lot of free extensions available for downloading.
  • Easy Order control (create, edit, cancel, hold, approve)
  • Customizeable Marketing tools  – coupons, discounts, newsletters, bestsellers, crossels, and featured products. It's only the minor part of the promotions you can get in Magento by default.
  • Incredible  amount of options for your product, product attributes which you can easily create by yourself
  • Magento is Open Soure project – this means no monthly, yearly and other payments.

In any case it’s always up to you either to migrate to Magento or leave on your current system. Just keep in mind that you have this option in case if your business needs will exceed the actual possibilities of your current platform.

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  1. Gravatar: Alexandra Kozhemiako

    Alexandra Kozhemiako

    Nice article, Andy. I agree that Magento can actually push your business to the next level. But, and I think you would agree, if you migrate all your store data on your own, this could take a while (if not more). I'd suggest you use Cart2Cart ( This a one-of-its-kind service that will automatically migrate all the info from your old platform to Magento. Seriously, this could save you A LOT of time and sweat!

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