Everyone doesn’t like wasting time, especially when some work can be done faster and more convenient. The same thing is with people that go to the online shop to purchase some goods in order to save time. Nowadays, people love online shopping and everybody should agree with that. And I’m not going to write more about it to convince you because it’s obvious.

Thus, if you run a Magento online shop then you must know that keeping people waiting on your website for 10 seconds or more will never work well for the conversion. 

That is why this article is devoted to 5 Tips that will help you speed up your Magento website.


Tip 1: Magento Hosting

Check if you have the best Magento hosting possible. Best hosting for Magento website requires a specific environment. In order to see the specific requirements, you may go and check on Magento website following the link below:


And ensure if your hosting provider fulfills at least the minimum requirements for hosting. 

Tip 2: Track your website statistics

In order to improve and manage well your digital marketing strategies, you should take into consideration your website statistics. And you must do experiments to determine the perfect tactics to keep people on your site.

If you use the internal stat tracker then you shouldn’t be surprised why your website is slow down, and effect may be different. I suggest going with the external stat tracker, for example, Google Analytics.

So, track your website statistics with the external stat tracker!

Tip 3: Fewer Products to load

There are two cases to explain what I mean: 

  1. One page contains lots of products to open, that's why it takes more time to display all of them. Accordingly, some people won’t keep waiting when the loading process is over, and it influences on the conversion rate definitely not good.
  2. Several products are displayed on a page, accordingly, it goes fast to display them and you get more chances of converting visitors.

Though, I must mention that you should be careful with this point of view. People need to see more of your products range, but not at the expense of load speed.

Do some experiments, get the statistics to find the best way to go!

Tip 4: Disable Layered Navigation

So what’s Layered Navigation? It’s Magento feature of a comfortable way to search the catalog by providing filters for the product category, price range, color, brand or any other available attribute. And it’s good for conversion rates. 

The negative point is that Layered Navigation is really resource intensive. That’s why if the speed of your website is really bad, then disabling the Layered Navigation is a good option to consider.

Tip 5: Content Delivery Network

If you need to boost your website’s speed. You’ve got to think of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) implementation.

CDN ensures that your web objects (text, graphics and scripts), downloadable objects (media files, software, documents), applications (e-commerce, portals), live streaming media, on-demand streaming media, and social networks are delivered from different locations around the world, making your website faster!


These 5 Tips are easy to implement and they really work well for improving your website speed. If you’ve already done some of these steps or have more to talk about then you are welcome to leave your feedback and suggestions.