A new release of Magento 2, which has become the stable version and its growth is amazing, still contains some smallest errors. The update came really fast, and in June we got the following Updates from Magento: Cloud Edition and Magento 2.1.

Magento 2.1 update includes a tremendous number of fixed technical issues, to be exact, it is about 450. 

From the technical point of view, the new version contains much less installation and upgrade issues. And it makes porting to Magento 2 much easier.

What are the features of the new updates?

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is an extension to Magento 2 Enterprise Edition that makes it possible to use AWS and achieve variable scaling. There are all necessary services that make the project setting easy and in a few steps.

For the big Magento stores, it’s a nice option to transfer an online store to scalable cloud hosting. As to small and medium-sized online stores, the additional options will be offered further, maybe during the next couple of years.

Magento Enterprise is also available in the cloud. As Magento Enterprise Cloud edition runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), it is easier to focus on fixing the technical issues and making more efforts on sales.

Magento 2.1

Magento 2.1 new features are more focused on increasing sales and productivity. It’s more about Content Staging, preview, search technology of the website and some new PayPal features. The Update mostly provides B2B features, like customer individual prices, order workflows and quote requests.

CMS pages, categories and products are now available for preview before publishing and the changes are automatically published. The staging functionality is part of Enterprise Edition to further distinguish Magento Enterprise Edition from Community Edition.

To mention again, only Magento Enterprise Edition includes the improved search functionality that replaces the existing Solr integration. It is much faster and provides the better search results than Magento’s default product search based on MySQL.

Payment interface of Magento 2.1 got also improved. PayPal enhancements include PayPal in-context checkout and saved credit cards. Now the customers don’t need to re-enter their credit card details in checkout or when reordering items. Now PayPal saved credit cards boost repeats purchases by allowing merchants to securely store credit card information with PayPal.

Secured Braintree Hosted Fields. They collect all the sensitive payment information in checkout, and the merchants can be confident that they qualify for the simplest set of PCI compliance requirements. Also, merchants retain complete control over their checkout style and layout. Braintree settlement reports are convenient in use and available within the Magento Admin.

The Content Staging and Preview feature makes operating the managing tools and adding new content faster and more convenient without the need to involve IT experts. It means that staging, previewing, scheduling and approving different content became much faster. Multiple marketers enable user-friendly dashboards, so it is convenient and easy to create and schedule individual promotions or combine them into global campaigns. With new functionality, it is easy to preview the changes across the store, including product and checkout pages.

In the current Magento 2 version, the Solr is replaced with Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch — it’s an advanced search technology that is a good fit for big catalogs, it includes 33 languages by default that enables delivering only relevant search results.


To sum up, the number of fixed issues and improved technology and features are only making us confident that Magento is on the right way to leadership in the ecommerce world of various platforms.