To run the social life of your business you always need to stick to important rules to keep your audience interested and what’s more — constantly engage more and more people to follow your business social page.

So let’s go straight to the social media etiquette guide:

1. NO spams

No One likes to be spammed, but the opposite — people hate that! Just remember the time you were spammed. What was your feeling like? I believe, you did not find it “pleasant” for sure :)

Here go the general rules you should simply keep to: 

  • Don’t post too frequently, so not to become annoying 
  • Don’t make your Twitter posts automatic from Facebook
  • Never tag people you don’t know
  • Be interesting

2. Post different types of content

Don’t use the same type of content, it’s boring and it definitely won’t keep the interest to your business. 

See what people like, mix content and then analyze, which type of the content makes your audience react more. Suggestions to use:

  • Share article links
  • Images
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Infographics
  • Quotes
  • Live videos (Periscope, Facebook Live)

3. Please, keep promotional posts to a minimum

Always aim to create value. Of course, you should do the occasional sales-oriented posts, but it shouldn’t be more than 2 times a week. And do not tell people to buy “the same shoes” every day!

4. Be friendly

Be friendly with people and they will be friendly with you. Always reply to the messages or the comments received from your customers in a polite way. NEVER use the offensive comments. Your task is to solve any issue but not making the conflicts bigger. 

5. Don’t get too controversial

Provide some views in a video form or in the articles, so your clients do not hear your point of view, but the point of someone trusted and known. And engage people to discussions.

6. Again, identify your audience!

Posting the information that is not related to your target audience will never be appropriate. That is why you must know your audience to give them the relevant info. E.g. if your targer audience is 18-30 years people, this means that even some funny videos or memes are good to post, but if you do posts for 50+ people then your content must be serious and based on experience.

Thus, you must think well before making a post, indeed your social activity will be pointless or even may lead to the worth.

But, if you’ve analyzed everything you will be glad to see the results.