Each developer at Impulsis must say that with many years of experience working as Magento developers they are confident that there’s no need to migrate to a new Magento website if you don’t want your business to move forward, but leave everything as it is.

If you want your online business grow in the right direction you should know about a huge variety of merchandising and promotion opportunities that Magento offers.

Let’s observe some simple cases & solutions that will help you drive traffic to your website after it gets relaunched.

Banners and Blocks

Have you seen a website with the top banner saying a “New Year Sale” in summer? I did, and it’s one of the reasons that will make your potential customers go to look somewhere else. 
If you have a website built with Magento, you should know that it allows you to make your content dynamic, relevant and interesting. So don’t forget that your Magento developer has to make everything content-managed for you to keep the content up-to-date.


All customers love sales. Well, we all do. So, make sure you have an in-built functionality for special offers, events, like discounts, sales, voucher codes, etc. In this way, you will be engaging your customers to buy the featured products and subscribe to your website to be notified when a new deal comes. 

Customer Rewards

Yes, rewards and everybody likes being rewarded! When somebody buys sth at the store, no matter if it’s online clothing store or a supermarket, the customer feels so happy when receiving a present for a made purchase. It’s like you buy two and get the third for free, buy sth more expensive and receive a cheaper gift for free, or you get a virtual currency (points) to be spent while making your other purchase… there are so many options to encourage the repeat customers to come back more, again and again.

And I have a great news for you — Magento Enterprise Edition has the rewards functionality that comes with solutions, like Sweet Tooth available for Community Edition. So don’t forget to discuss this option with the developers.

Customer Segmentation

All the products have their target groups of people. If you sell different types of them it will be right to notify only the specifically target customers in order not to “spam” all of them.
Let me give you an example to explain what I mean.

If you sell clothing for all men, women, children and other household stuff, it will be great to collect your customers personal data, like age, sex, if they have children, size, etc. And give them information that is more relevant and interesting for them.

Thus, if you want your website to be more engaging you will need to have set the extensions of Community Edition.

Social Media

Let your customers do a great job for you! 

If your commercial website has a social activity (e.g. Facebook business page and other) that encourages the customers to be subscribed in order to be aware of all the new stuff that appears, as sales, rewards, new collections, you can get your followers bringing you new followers when you say — “Like this post/page and share it to receive a 15% discount on all summer clothing collection”.
Sounds good? Then make your website live a social life as well.

All I want to say is that your eCommerce business should stand out from the competition. I’m not saying that Magento website will make your business go better, what I want to say is that it gives all the possibilities to let your business go better.

And again, it’s all up to you — whether you want to stay on the same point or move further!