General Overview

 In 2007  fashionable hotel was built in the center of L'viv. The Hotel offers 40 guest rooms and 2 suites and 1 "King Danylo" Suite where a relaxing home like environment is combined with the most modern technologies. All rooms are equipped with flat screen TVs, satellite channels and Internet connection. Bathrooms are decorated with natural stone, some of them have showers and some have baths with magnificent accessories.Since it is one of the newest luxurious hotels in Lviv, the requirements for the website were also very high. We have decided to implement this site with the usage of the elements, which dramatically influences on the visual attractiveness of the whole site. The five language localization (English/Ukrainian/Russian/German/Polish) was also made for more comfort of the foreign clients.

Key functionality includes:

  • advanced on-line reservations form
  • flash elements
  • language localization
  • simple and stylish menu navigation

The project was finished within the determined terms, providing the Client with the impressive web product. This site became a worthy representative tool in the world wide web, attracting more and more clients to this business. 


Verwendete Dienstleistungen

TYPO3 CMS Development

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