The project was created for the Ukrainian customer. it’s nice place where different goods for hobbies and needlework can be found to purchase online. And it is a real boon for lovers of handmade. Bright, informative, user-friendly store gives the customers the pleasure of shopping, and at the same time the site managers enjoy working with orders and products.

1C Integration

The main project condition was the integration of 1C:Enterprise for the automation of accounting with online store system. Data such as price, available quantity, duration of promotional offers are sent to Magento, and Magento sends the order information to the accounting program. It simplifies the work of managers, automates and improves the work of the company.

Loyalty program

To increase the number of orders on the site we implemented a loyalty program. This program gives an opportunity to provide the store customers with different discounts for the accumulated amount of purchases. The site administrator can easily set the discounts and assign users to groups with corresponding discounts.

Online payment module

To make the checkout process easy for the Ukrainian customers, we’ve implemented an online payment module of "Ukreximbank" bank.

Events calendar

The site owner conducts different master classes every month, that is why it was decided to implement the events calendar for the users’ convenience and awareness about each activity.



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