General Overview

The project created for one of the biggest manufacturers of the child clothes in Ukraine. Having reached the considerable selling rates in the offline trade, the board of the company has decided to go online in order to expand the sale network and gain additional revenue.

Taking into account the particularity of the client’s business we have created custom design for Magento ecommerce platform. In order to ensure most suitable navigation for the website user the top- and left-side navigation were developed. Additionally, the layered navigation allowed their online customers to refine the search and find exactly what they were looking for easily. This approach have ensured considerably high conversion rate for this e-commerce project.


Initially, the company has accepted only check/money order as the payment option. In order to ensure better user experience we have developed the integration module with the local payment processor Since then users were able to make the payments online using Visa and MasterСard credit cards, which ensured higher conversion rates for the whole project.


We have analyzed the target group of the website users and prepared the marketing research of this particular business niche. On the basis of the research made, we have split the promotion of this web store in 2 separate groups. The first group implied all the search engine optimization techniques, including internal optimization, SEO copyrighting, site structure optimization, external link building, etc. In the long term this allowed to gain top 10 rankings for the most popular keywords in search engines (Google and Yandex). The second group was the search engine marketing and promotions actions with the specialized forum supports, community, social media engagement, and brand awareness. This complex approach has given the client the possibility to reach high credibility among the customers and receive the reputation of the reliable online store.

Client: Tiko Marketing



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