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Principles of successful Internet Advertising

First steps to your Google PPC promotion

What tools should you include on the start of your ad campaigns, and what can you use to scale? If you are not an experienced PPC-fighter, it is difficult to answer these questions.

To help newcomers, we analyzed the statistics of 100 real e-commerce projects and tried to answer the frequently asked questions:

  • What advertising have to be runned in the first place?
  • What kinds of campaigns in Google AdWords are the most profitable?
  • What is a guide in the selection of keywords?

When PPC is the most effective?

First, we parted all the advertising campaigns into three main groups:

  • Search ads;
  • Banner ads;
  • Remarketing.

The result is quite predictable: search engine traffic gives the best conversion. The average of conversion rate for search campaigns was 0.5%.

Remarketing is on the second place. These campaigns are designed to work with the audience, which was already on the site and therefore had already shown interest in the proposed product or service.

The last conversion channel — banner ads. The main purpose of displaying advertising — to acquaint audience with your company or proposal. The conversion rate does not exceed 0.3%.

Compare the cost of clicks

Let`s not make conclusions based only on the conversion rate — firstly, consider how much advertisers are paying per click in the context of the same campaign.

Usually, the click on your ad in the display network does not exceed 5 cents.

Leader in the cost of clicks — search network. Pay per click can vary greatly depending on the topic, country and quality, but the median — from 5 to 13 cents.

Search advertising is a key tool for attracting targeted traffic with Google AdWords, and therefore the competition is high and pay per click accounts are more expensive.


Google AdWords is a powerful, versatile, sophisticated marketing tool. Use it as a tremendous increase in profits, as well as in unskilled, inexperienced hands, can drain the advertising budget without receiving any sales.

Some advices based on the current study:

  • Begin promotion with search campaigns.
  • Set up audience collection for remarketing, and once the list of members gather enough — run remarketing.
  • The banner ads are more appropriate to scale and brand recognition than for direct sales.
  • The best result in context advertising you can get by strengthening brand, and  to be active in social networks to carry out high-profile events, work on the loyalty of your target audience.
  • Search campaigns is the key to the brand and commercial interests, to scale and increase the coverage to use general keywords.

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