SEO Audit

Why and when you need a site audit

SEO audit is a check of site`s conformity to the requirements of search engines, usability and some other generally accepted norms. Site audit is the initial stage of website search engine optimization.

Let's see the key components of a good audit and why it is very important for your business.

What does site audit include?

There's no the accurate template for the audit, but it is possible to name the main components that can lead to the successful business strategy.

Technical website audit

It contains the validity of the code and its elements checking, the technical analysis of the structure and site pages, performs the mobile site audit checklist. Search engines name the code as an important ranking factor, so eliminating the errors in the code and structure is one of the main priorities during the site optimization process. Technical audit will reveal all the issues and our experts will help to solve them.

Site Usability

The best site is the one made for users, not for the search engine. Google always adheres to this principle and all the innovations in the ranking algorithms and indexing lead us to understanding of site quality factors. Usability audit examines how the site presents information, commercial components, etc. to users.

Commercial site audit

This component is the best fit for e-commerce sites. It provides the analysis of the purchase process — whether your site makes it fast, easy, and enjoyable; what services are added for ordering, payment, delivery and what online marketing elements are included.

Audit Content + On Page factors

As mentioned above, the search engines rank of user-oriented websites is of high importance. And the content on the web pages must always be relevant. The times of keywords are long gone. Good content audit indicates how much the texts on the website pages are relevant to a user's queries and suggests the options for content`s volume and content elements optimization.

Why it is better to order a professional audit

You can do your own audit using online tools. There are lots of services for content audit, technical audit, etc. Though, good audit is an all-inclusive document with all the mentioned components. It`s not just the analysis, it`s also the improvement recommendations. It is impossible to perform good audit via one service or tool, as well as impossible to do it without them.

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