If you want to run a successful business you must have a perfect website that will become its perfect reflection. Which is why your customers have to see a beautiful, nice looking, eye-catching and convenient website to make the conversion growing.

The way your eCommerce website looks is dependent on the website theme it’s developed with. It means that before starting the website development stage, you decide, whether developers have to code the Theme from a scratch to meet your requirements, which is a more expensive way. Or you will select a nice looking Magento Theme if you cannot afford to design your own. In case you decide to go with the ready Theme you must know what variants are better to consider.

That is why this article is devoted to the best Magento eCommerce Themes as to their ratings, beauty and usability. If you follow the links to each theme, you will see the samples for a better visual understanding of what each theme is about.


Argento has a beautifully designed theme and it was labeled as the world’s “most responsive Magento theme”. It’s powered by 14 popular extensions, some of which include: ajax search, easy slider, product highlight and easy catalog images.

JM Siotis

It’s highly responsive, has unlimited color choices and boasts 6 exciting extensions. Described as a “street style theme for fashion stores”. 


Fortis has the unlimited color customization. It also supports multiple Magento store. It’s simple and intuitive from the point of usability, and as it’s said, it makes shopping “quick, easy and fun”.


Its simplicity, spacing, and beautiful colors really talk about the Shopper Theme being elegant. It contains hover for the product images that allows you to set the second image for product thumbnails. Other priorities are flexible navigation menu and quick view.


This “fluid responsive Magento theme” provides with unlimited colour customizability. Its design is simple and beautiful. It allows to do editing directly through the admin panel, so no coding needed. It’s a nice choice.

These Magento themes are for those, who cannot afford to pay for developing and coding a new special theme but want their online store look elegant. If you’re interested to find out more, just feel free to drop us a line and we will provide you with all Magento possibilities and the price rates for developing a new Magento store for your business.