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The B2B market is way bigger than B2C, that is why it is crucial to have trouble-free, efficient, robust, and scalable to business needs marketing instruments and services. In fact, it is acclaimed that the eCommerce B2B Magento platform could be a useful tool for B2B business aims. We develop Magento B2B projects because the Magento Community edition lacks them, while they are essential to the success of the clients whose sales are increasing and demand moving to the corporate level.

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Why Impulsis

Having 10+ years of experience in B2B eCommerce, our certified Magento development team provides the proper site developing solutions for a case of any complexity. With business needs in mind, we do our best to create a perfect technical and marketing solution for our clients. 


The Power of Our B2B eCommerce Solutions

Working with Magento B2B Development, we use the best practices in the industry to make an online B2B store for every client as profitable as possible.

Key Features of Magento 2 for B2B eCommerce

Here is the list of features and services guaranteeing top notch outcomes:


Enhanced Magento security

Crucial business information is stored securely as we take efficient measures to protect it. Different roles are applied to your employees based on their position and duties, so they have access only to the data they need and nothing more. 


Comprehensive customer’s account

More information is stored about your customer in their B2B e-commerce account. Based on billing and shipping details, news subscriptions, and wish lists, we can make the order and checkout process even faster.


Intuitive product catalog

Now it is nice and easy for your customer to find and order a product in an e-commerce catalog. Even SKU code can be used for product search that makes the ordering process even faster.


Custom e-commerce catalogs

B2B Magento has an option to create custom B2B catalogs for different customers. It is possible to manage pricing policy, availability, and the way of displaying the products. 


Effective product page

The product must sell itself. A comprehensive product page with a full description, availability info, how-to videos, reviews, etc. will make customers put your products into their shopping cart with no overthinking. This will result in a drastic difference in the selling rates of your website and then, company.

Flexible payment options

Magento B2B eCommerce store provides customers with a wide range of secure payment options.



Your customers can see items that are out-of-stock or coming-soon, so they can leave a preorder application on those products.


Bulk orders

Magento Commerce allows your customers to make bulk orders. Special pricing could be applied to such cases.


Recurring purchase

A previous order can be repeated in just a few clicks when using a site with the Magento eCommerce services implemented.


Negotiable quotes

In some special cases, your customer and you can negotiate a price for goods. It can be done through a convenient e-commerce site due to using Magento eCommerce platform interface.


Flexible shipping

One more grain to excellent customer experience could be extended shipping service. For instance, one order can be shipped to different locations. 

We Are Certified Magento B2B Experts

We communicate with our clients daily and try to understand issues, pains, and obstacles of their e-commerce business. This helps us to provide them with the best possible development services. Despite the fact that the development Magento platform is one of the most popular solutions among the eCommerce platforms in the world. It offers a lot of plugins and extensions available for your online store, there still are numerous cases when our team of Magento experts builds something unique and special for a particular project. This proves there is nothing impossible for our team.

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What We Offer

Our Magento Legacy

Our team of certified Magento developers has sufficient experience in building B2C and B2B projects of different complexity levels. Every client receives an individual approach to their online store in terms of both development services and further support services.


Magento B2B Accelerator

Since this is our custom-designed in-house solution that increases the development, Magento  eCommerce also ensures dramatically increased deployment speed. The new store site for B2B companies with custom catalogs of products or services can be launched by our developers in the shortest terms and be fantastically fast, responsive, and scalable.


Magento 2 Development

We work with the newest Magento development version. As soon as the new one appears online, we help our clients get updates and keep a stable working environment for their website and company in general. That is a part of our current support services. 


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You can always reach us at info(at) for further information or get a free quote at