Years ago there were no e-commerce websites, only physical shopping to purchase items after trying them, and, let’s say, meeting them face-to-face ;).

Now we live in the world where people love online shopping. I mean, it became so convenient, that now more and more people are in favor of going online, browsing for the ecommerce website (clothing stores, households, gardens, providers, food, etc… all the needed facilities are available online now) and purchasing while staying at home, office or elsewhere.

Of course, people do shopping in the stores, but at least each of you has tried online shopping and know what it is like :)

Over the past 20 years, eCommerce has not just massively grown, it has met with technology every step of the way to adapt and fit the consumer needs.

Yes, the evolution of ecommerce is obvious! At first, we could only see the static images and lots of products descriptions. Then followed the products videos, images started to rotate 360-degree, and now the eCommerce websites are comfortable and very competitive. So what’s next? — virtual reality eCommerce?

How will it look like in virtual reality?

If you’re a gamer, you should know that there are games that you can play going virtual with Oculus Rift (a virtual reality headset). You just put the device on and enter another world.

I guess, very soon the virtual eCommerce will be a reality for us as well! What’s more, some of online stores have already started to work on this to bring their customers a more immersive online shopping experience and fun.

It means that billion dollar market will expand even more, as more needs will be met and virtual shopping will be extremely comfortable.

Just to show you how it’s going to look like, I suggest watching the following video below from Tesco.