Let’s see how Magento has transformed into the most widely used eCommerce platform in the world since its launch in 2008. All the gathered statistics provided below only proves that Magento is a really popular ecommerce platform.

Magento is versatile and offers Marketing and Promotional tools. Also, it is more focused on Mobile Commerce, offering responsive designs. It hosts a large amount of products ( up to 500.000) on one site with a possibility to handle 80.000 orders per hour. These are lots of important reasons why people choose Magento for their online stores, but these are discussed in the previous articles.

A common problem for e-Commerce business is abandoned shopping carts. This is when a customer adds items to their shopping cart, but leaves the site without buying the items.
After checking out some online shops statistics, the amount of buying users is great. Dased on a few websites researches, 10% exited the website from the shopping cart, while 41% completed the purchase.

More than 200,000 online stores run on Magento, including some of the leading brands like Ford, Samsung, and other known brands.

There have been more than 500,000+ Magento downloads by 2015. And during the last year the number of websites developed with Magento platform is constantly growing or keeping on the same and steadly high level.

Source:  trends.builtwith.com

Magento is used by 13% of all the websites which content management system is known. And it truly can be called a “Legend” of the ecommerce world. As since its launch the popularity came to Magento really fast.

Source: trends.builtwith.com

Magento is the most renowned and used eCommerce platform, with a market share of 31%. In 2015, based on Alexa ranking, among the top 1 million websites, Magento has been used by 26% of them.

On the next picture, we can see that after release of Magento 2, the very Magento popularity goes lower, as the new version has more features for developing online stores and their promotion. And some of Magento websites start migrating to Magento 2 to keep in trend. And still, it's all about Magento popularity.

Magento is used for developing the websites of  different ecommerce activity. And mostly for Shopping and Business websites.

The Magento community is constantly growing. On the tab given below there’s main Magento rank statistics by countries that are mostly oriented on Magento development websites.

Source: www.alexa.com

What is more, the word “Magento” is searched on Google more often than the word “eCommerce” since 2008, which doesn’t come as a big surprise if you look at the above statistics.

Magento popularity grows, accordingly, the platform is becoming more used and more professional. As to Magento 2.0 (and later the update 2.1) it is worth to mention that its downloads are growing steadily, and  it’s well used for Business websites.

All the statistics provided is just to illustrate how Magento stands out in the world ecommerce and in comparison with the other platforms. It could have never been so popular if not the web development features it offers and the quality. Looks like it’s a great ecommerce option for doing online business, isn’t it?