Google Analytics is the perfect tool that allows you to track your visitors, conversions and overall statistics on your project. But what if Google analytics integration is not enough? There are hundreds of external analytics trackers, which provide more specific information about the behaviour of users on your website, like heatmaps, visitor moves, etc. Among them you can find ClickTale Analytics system. This system provides an opportunity to discover everything visitors do on your website. Watch Visitor Recordings, Mouse Move Heatmaps, and Form Analytics.

A lot of our customers were using this service, so as usually we had to include this tracking script manually for each project. It wasn’t the most exciting job, and if you ever tried to do this, you should understand what I mean. So, we have decided to facilitate our workflow and implement the separate extension for Magento – Imp_Clicktale. Using the simple configuration in the System => Configuration => Web => ClickTale settings you can easily set-up the tracking code site wide.

Additionally, developers could use this extension as the stable basis for easy addition of every tracking script to Magento. Of course, you should modify the templates and settings, but that’s what developers do, right?

As we had this extension developed, we just thought that it’s not only us who hate the “monkey job” of including the same script for every project in a not very user-friendly way. :) That’s why we have decided to share this extension among the community. Enjoy.