Today we will talk about the Steps on how to upload the Magento widgets. First of all, let’s figure out what it is.

Magento widgets — are small applications that have the pre-set functionalities and you can get them installed on your website. They are very flexible when speaking about their capabilities as the widgets are the best deal for your promotional offers, content marketing and much more.

In order to start with uploading the widgets, there are some notes you have to consider:

  • Widgets are available for Magento 1.4 and higher versions

  • The installation and implementation processes with widgets work the same way as with the extensions

  • There are two ways to go with widgets: code your own widget or use the one that is available on the Magento Connect market.

First of all, you’ve got to have your own idea of the widget. It means that you have to identify its main functionalities, like:

  • If it fits your company logo, the purpose of your website

  • It should bring the right message to the audience


If you’ve decided to go with the ready widget without your own coding, then you go to Magento Connect and get the extension key for the widget, and once you’ve got it you just click on Install button. After reading License Agreement, you agree to it and then you get the extension key button. You will need to copy this key.

In order to implement it, you go to Magento Admin Area -> System -> Magento Connect ->Magento Connect Manager. It will ask you to login again. When you’re there, you need to paste your extension key into the Paste Extension Key field and then click the Install button.

Once the installation process is complete, you can now implement  the widget on your website pages. How to do it:

  • Go to CMS -> Pages via the Magento admin panel

  • Select the page where you want the widget to appear, select Content and click on Insert Widget button.

  • Select the widget via the page that appeared in the drop down menu and insert it.

  • Save the changes and check how it works

If the widget works well, it means that you’ve managed to do all right! And now you know how to upload the Magento widget on your own.

Note! If it works incorrectly, you’ve probably done something wrong while following the instructions. So you will need to delete the widget and start all over again.

Uploading the Magento widget shouldn’t be difficult and it doesn’t take much time to do.

Hope the instruction go fine with you. Let me know how it works from your own experience and, of course, you are welcome to give me some question in the comments field.

Have a nice time!