Luhvee is a unique brand of a highly customized editor tool for personalized photo book creation. Our team developed a photo book tool and a special service that integrates the website with printing agencies to automate the print-out process.

The Challenge

The main challenge was that there were no similar products with such rich editing features available on the market. The competing services were based on Flash technology, while we had to create a cross-platform product with the support of mobile devices. This required coming up with a completely different solution among those available. 

Another difficulty implied that the PDF specification from Printernet, the global print distribution network, had to be fully compatible with PDF/A standard.


  • Client:Luhvee
  • Year:2019
  • Industry:Arts & Craft & Collectibles
  • Location:Canada
  • DataBase: MySQL
  • Hosting: AWS (EC2, EFS)
  • Server: Apache, Memcache
  • Backend: Magento 1 (PHP, Zend Framework); custom content storage & processing server (PHP, Zend Framework, TCPDF)
  • Frontend: Custom Magento theme based on HTML5, SCSS (Compass pre-processor), JavaScript (jQuery, Prototype); visual content editor SPA based on Angular, Fabric.js, SCSS

The Solution

Due to the precise client's vision, we managed to develop an effective solution by investigating the market and searching for suitable libraries, which allowed us to integrate US printing agencies into the website.

We chose Magento as the order processing platform since it is integrated with QuickBooks, an online cloud accounting software. We also integrated Stripe and a testimonial system. Since there was a lack of similar solutions, we created a one-page application as the book editor tool from scratch using Angular & Fabric.js. 

The Result

Customers can make high-quality personalized products with their own content, particularly images and text, and later reformat them into a high-resolution, print-ready PDF file that is automatically sent out to a printing company. MailChimp and a live chat were also integrated into the website to advance the company's marketing. Another change we implemented was UI optimization to speed up the purchasing process and enhance ad campaign tracking. 

As for the book editor tool, we connected it to Facebook and Instagram for file synchronization, as well as it has a built-in spell-checking mechanism, advanced file upload validation features, and a collaborative editing mode. In addition, it's optimized for mobile devices so that customers can create their personalized books on their smartphones. Due to the integration with the printing agencies, customers' books are shipped globally after their print-out.