Urkompagniet is one of the leading watch shops in Denmark and on the Scandinavian market. It offers a wide selection of watches in boutiques around Denmark and several online stores operating in more than 10 European countries. The company gets 50,000 happy customers annually with a total product range selection of more than 20,000 items. 

Magento has become a key business solution that brings boutiques in Denmark and online stores together. Urkompagniet’s website is one of the 16 most high-loaded Magento websites among those based on the same installation, each having from 1 to 5 language options and the support of more than 10 currency options. 

The Challenge

 Due to the large number of online stores and an offline boutique, the main goal was to make the company work on the single Magento installation, handle huge load in general and occasional spikes, such as on Black Friday promotions, increase revenue by speeding up order processing and optimization of business processes, as well as making the website fast and mobile friendly. The key areas we identified as our target implied improving Magento productivity, setting up warehouse management, establishing communication with suppliers, and automating and increasing the speed of order processing and delivery. 

  • Client:Urkompagniet
  • Year:2011
  • Industry:Luxury brands, Apparel & Accessories
  • Location:Denmark
  • DataBase: MySQL
  • Hosting: Reflected
  • Server: NGINX, Redis, Varnish
  • Backend: Magento 1 (PHP, Zend Framework)
  • Frontend: Custom Magento theme based on HTML5, SCSS (Compass pre-processor), JavaScript (jQuery, Prototype)

The Solutions

Our team optimized the system performance enough for it to handle the entire 20,000-item product range in 20 online stores, including when under heavy load. We were to integrate third-party warehouses and a built-in ERP, along with developing an order handling system with a barcode scanner, which would simplify both the ordering and warehouse handling processes.

Some other areas of our focus were the following:

  • Google Page Speed optimization
  • platform adaptation to the GDPR requirements
  • Google Tag Manager integration

The Result

We developed 40+ brand new modules and customized more than 50 third-party ones to meet all the set requirements, including the following:

  • custom integration with an ERP system
  • synchronization with third-party warehouse platforms
  • advanced pricing system integration
  • custom payment solutions, including Klarna, QuickPay, and several others
  • integration with custom carriers
  • real time feed integration for AD services
  • Klaviyo set up for marketing purposes
  • stock management system integration
  • custom review platform integration (Yotpo)
  • Clerk product recommendations integration
  • Mass order processing system integration through automazing order fulfillment with bar-code scanning technology