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5 reasons to choose performance marketing

Nowadays, business is constantly forced to seek new and effective channels of marketing communication with the operationally measured results. Therefore, more and more e-commerce projects are moving from standard methods of attracting customers to the performance marketing strategies. And there are at least five reasons that you can find below.

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Reason 1. Payment for real, not potential results

Performance marketing is focused on results — specific, attainable, and most importantly, measurable in monetary terms. This approach differs from classical digital that is close to the KPI business, such as the cost per customer, the return of investments (ROI), sales etc.

Performance-approach radically changed the prevailing model to prioritize the main indicator of the success of the advertising campaign — profit. After examining the client's business — the analysis of the industry, market, competition, information about your products/services, customers, experience, promotion, site auditing and other data — performance marketing sets the specific and achievable goals.

Reason 2. Marketing cost optimization

Since the performance-all approach used tools are measurable and manageable, each can calculate the cost to attract the customers and weed out financially inefficient advertising channels at the strategy phase. After starting the campaign, marketers optimize the purchase of advertising: real-time assess the effectiveness of channels, promptly adjust their budgets and redistribute. This allows you to get maximum return on each ruble invested in the campaign and flexibly scale it.

Reason 3. Quick results

When promotion, finalization of the site and the analytics corresponded to different contractors, the process of obtaining the data and optimize inhibits campaign. An integrated approach allows to avoid such problems, since the creation, implementation and management strategy has been delegated to a professional experienced team.

The rate of achieving the result is increased also during the formation of the optimal set of channels and there is a synergistic effect. For example, contextual advertising, the RTB, placing ads in social, on the remarketing industry sites can give effect already at the start of an advertising campaign. SEO and work on improving the quality of the conversion to the site can take months, but can achieve sustainable results in the long term.

Properly selected and optimized channels can quickly produce tangible results, with little-known companies and young online projects when the knowledge of the brand has not yet formed, and the demand and loyalty for it is small.

Reason 4. The transparency of the operations and reporting

Digital marketing is good because it is possible to count and measure a lot. The Performance-approach goes even further: it has data web analytics, call tracking systems and integration with the customer's CRM-system, the agency can accurately determine the financial impact of each channel throughout the sales funnel. This is a complex process that requires fine-tuning of analytics systems, considering off-line customer activity and automatizing the processing of incoming information. But the work is worth it, because all decisions on the management of a comprehensive strategy adopted based on the analytical data. Also, client reporting forms based on them and they are regularly - at least once a month - given to the customer.

Reason 5. Quality Resource and Business Development

To steadily increase sales, it`s not enough to use just advertising channels and tools. During the implementation of the marketing strategy a complex of works on the development of a resource on the Internet is carried out.

Depending on the current state of the client's website and its objectives it can be:

  • ensure technical compliance with the requirements of website search engines;
  • connection and adjustment of additional functionality — callback widgets, online consultant, buttons, social media plug-ins;
  • regular publication of quality content;
  • ad and guest posts on industrial sites;
  • etc.

Performance marketing isn`t the easiest approach, but with the proper performance it`s the most productive and promising marketing mechanism available now.


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