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SEO-planning before launching the site — why everyone should do this?

It`s almost impossible to find an only-offline business today. Online is the biggest engagement channel for commerce. And if the common user rarely pays attention to the way he gets on the merchant's website, the advertiser can easily count up to 10 ways to engage the audience from the global network. And the way to the successful conversion depends on the resource itself. Of course, pricing, service, trust and different motivating factors also have an impact, but you can surely say that designing a website is designing your business. This is especially important for those businesses that rely on online strategies.

SEO (search engine optimization) is kept apart among all the traffic-attract channels. Its biggest advantage is the price to attract visitors, but the biggest disadvantages — low level of predictability and a long period of attendance at the output level of an acceptable payback. However, experienced SEOs can remember a time when the position in the organic search could be reached with the registration on the free directories sites. Thus, obtained references were enough to ensure a sufficient level of referential support site and to increase its visibility. After a decade, search engines have made a huge step forward in collecting information and information analysis. The number of considered factors grew to hundreds and the overall paradigm of their existence went from simple text pages to finding the complex and user-oriented solutions. Today we have RankBrain, LSI content and a whole zoo of Google algorithms. But, the fundamentals haven't changed — there`re always a few rules for your site to be well accepted by the search machines.

The key point innovations of recent years showed the introduction of machine learning and behavioral factors accounting. And if the first of them allowed to "stitch" together with the known patterns within the same algorithm, the second approved the emphasis on search engine user satisfaction and greatly contributed to the reformatting of SEO-industry as a whole. Largely because of this promotion the site has become a "complex" characteristic when in addition to the traditional work performed (removal of technical problems of the site, content optimization, etc.), adding at least a usability expertise to improve behavioral factors is rather needed. For serious and large-scale projects it can be a powerful emphasis on registered user experience.

How to include SEO in site development process

The idea of ​​integrating SEO into the site directly in the process of its development is not new. Traditionally, it is believed that in this case the most difficult aspect is to link design decisions with the requirements of SEO-experts. In reality, this problem occurs only in case of specific design variants. It turns out that much more difficult is to answer the questions “Which items should be on the page?” to ensure the best response to search queries. In essence, the optimizer should make it by answering a series of questions:

  • What is the main page layout?
  • How many items should be on the page?
  • How much content?
  • Site cards or table?
  • Is the cart functionality needed?
  • What should be the metadata of the page?
  • Where should the news be?
  • Is the functionality of items comparing needed?

A list of possible questions varies depending on the requests for the page list, competition themes, the nature of queries and even factors related to both the implemented site design and the peculiarities of the SERPs. The proposed solutions should be justified at least on the level of statistics, to expect a positive effect in terms of search engine visibility.

Search algorithms dynamically improved, and SEO-community must also try to keep up, or at least understand the basic trends. Specific requirements for the elements of the site often become obsolete very quickly, such as those that take into account the length of the meta tag title or required keyword density. And often the requirements are a part of the complex combination of factors. In such circumstances, the general methodology is needed that will allow algorithms to explore and obtain information about what to do with the site to increase its search engine visibility. Having arisen once, SEO-design in conjunction with a specialist professional level shows a high potential for becoming an effective tool of search engine promotion and, most importantly, the "white".


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