General overview

Ellusionist became one of our biggest Magento based projects, involving complex technical development side and smashing graphical design. Thousands of daily online visitors, positive user experience and considerable conversion rates were proving that our mutual approach to the project was in the right direction. Customer with more than 10 years of project development, starting from Magento 1.0 and now we have upgraded to Magento 2.2. In project upgrade scope functionality of 40+ modules were migrated. Integration with OrderMotion order management software, developed new product types, advanced loyalty program, special catalog layer navigation with predefined all search results, VIP customers access for hidden sections and products on website, special free gift program, fraud guard protection, multiple redesigns and much more.

Loyalty Program

Especially developed to retain the users within the website community and inspire them to make more purchases. This feature now is available in Magento Enterprise edition, but at the time of development it was a unique module. We have created the rules engine, that were tracking user activity. For configured set of actions that user made, the bonus points were allocated to this particular user. Having integrated the Loyalty program with the Magento Shopping Cart Rules we    have gained the possibility to set the discount percentage according to the bonus points earned by the user.

Wordpress Blog

In order to engage more users to the project, provide the owner to write the posts and use it for Search Engine Optimization purposes we have linked Magento with the WordPress Blog.

Order Motion Integration

OrderMotion, is a reliable industrial-strength order management platform with an intuitively designed visual-interface. Engineered to give mid-market online merchants and direct response marketers new insight into their daily operations, this tool were opted by our customer. It was the reason, why we have created the mutual integration module with this order management system. Now, our client has the possibility to download the orders from Magento to their system, process them and return the order status update back to Magento again.

Amazon integration

Amazon is the biggest virtual market in the world at the moment. And it would be a huge mistake not to use their platform as the additional marketplace. Using their API, we have built the integration module, allowing to upload the products to Amazon, Define the separate prices for this marketplace and downloading of the arrived orders back to Magento for the further procession and passing to Order Motion system.

Advanced Up-Sell system

Everyone who has at least little knowledge on the e-commerce system knows, that up-sells (proposal of the similar or recommended products, when user goes to checkout) can rise the conversion rates up to 37 percents. Having this in mind we have created a powerful system of up-sells, that were tracking what kind of items were put by the customer in cart and, according to the selection, the different up-sell items were recommended right before he would gone to checkout (as you know, the most prominent moment, when the visitor converts into customer). The results were worth trying.

Security system

For those who are leading on-line business, the situation with fraudulent payments and false orders are more then well known.  This rises additional business losses and risks. That's why we have developed and integrated 2 combined system for fraud detection:

  • FraudGuard - Internal rules based system for detection of the fraud action
  • MaxMind - External system for checking risk score of the credit card

The combination of those systems have given the, INC to protect their business from the invalid orders. As the result - saved money for the company and better user experience for those who's orders were successfully processed.

Client:, INC



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