— is one of multiple high-loaded magento websites based on same magento instance, each of them has from 1 to 5 different languages and more then 10 different currencies supported. Project gradually evolving starting from Magento 1.3 version till latest 1.9.x version during 9 years of our support. It has ~13K of products per store and 80K of users in single system.

We have developed 40+ own modules and customized more then 50 3rd party modules to meet all requirements which were needed for client, like custom integration with ERP system; synchronization with 3rd party warehouse platforms; advanced pricing system; custom payment solutions like Klarna, QuickPay and others; integration with custom shipping carriers; real time feed integration for AD services; stock management systems; customer reviews platform like Trustpilot which was replaced with Yotpo; mass order processing system with automation of fulfillment of orders based on bar-code scanning, and much more.


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